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You have to start somewhere...

Updated: May 19, 2020

"You don't have to see the entire staircase, just take the first step." - Martin Luther King

I am someone who gets overwhelmed by the entire process before it even starts. I make presumptions of what the journey would be like even when i've never been down that path before. Therefore, taking that first step to commit to "DAY ONE" can be incredibly overwhelming in any new situation. Even when I know chances are the outcome will bring positive changes to my life.

Why can't individuals, like myself, separate the process of change step by step? Why is starting the hardest part of a commitment?! Everyone has to start somewhere... honestly, I don't have the answer, so I asked Google. Oh boy, did Google have a lot to say. I did find one article by Forbes Magazine; 5 Steps of Compartmentalization: The Secret Behind Successful Entrepreneurs. Compartmentalize; to divide into sections or categories. The article outlines giving one thing at a time extreme focus instead of prioritizing the big picture at all times and then a light bulb went off; stop looking ahead so much Rebecca. Break your goals down into smaller ones and give each smaller goal 100% effort instead of giving 50% effort to your end goal. Then another light bulb went off; who cares what your end goal is?! We should continuously be crushing these smaller goals to the point where we surpass our end goal and truly discover what our fullest potential could be. Stop thinking about losing 10 pounds and focus on 1 pound a week and create a physical structure of yourself you never thought possible. No, it won't happen overnight, but maybe in one year you can look back with pride (and maybe pleasant surprise) that you are where you are today. Losing 10 pounds can turn into losing 20 or something you never thought imaginable and it all starts with compartmentalizing; taking one step at a time. One day; to day one; to one step; to step one. You don't have to lose 10 pounds right away or go to the gym every day but you can lose 1 pound and you can workout for one day. So let's start there. Let's just focus on day one. Let's do day one every day.

Having your "Day one" every day is a gift. It is an opportunity. Shift your feelings from feeling overwhelmed by what lies ahead to seeing what potential and benefits are waiting for you. The unknown can be a beautiful thing. Being in uncharted waters and discovering new levels of success within yourself not only builds confidence, but validates something special within you that no one can take away. So live your day one every day... marinate in it! We can always be a better person, friend, lover, spouse or parent. I'm not saying shoot for perfection but commit to progression. You just have to finish each day being one percent better than you were the day before, just one percent. Like that one step or that day one; scary but meaningful.

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