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8 Reasons Why Your Fitness Routine Isn't Working For You

Let's Be Real Here


Intentions aren’t clear

  • Ask yourself what is it that you want and then ask why? After you ask why continue to keep asking why. Have you ever heard of the Toyota WHY’s? Long story short, they could not understand why a product was not working for them. So they kept asking why until they managed to identify the core value at hand. I do this to my one on one clients… Maybe you’ve been on the answering side of my questions. What it comes down to is always something much more impactful than just fitness.

  • After Identifying your why, let's be clear about your what. Your why is your motivation and fuel but your what is a product of your why. Not the other way around. Like I said before, it's more than just fitness so what is it that you really want.

  • Aside from the why and the what embrace the feel. Visualizing what you want to look like can come and go but submerging yourself in what you want to feel like basically puts you already there.

  • Lastly regarding your intentions and a realistic time of when you are going to do this? What times and days are right for you? Where in your life can you give 100% effort to only one part of your day?


You haven’t found what works best for you.

  • There are countless gyms, programs and trainers out there. I am one of them. I may not be for everyone and my training methods are not a one size fits all. Find someone or some place that you connect and resonate with.

  • There are also different workout programs for conditioning, endurance, weight loss and muscle gain. Your body may or may not be receptive to certain training methods.


You are approaching your fitness journey with a negative mindset.

  • Fitness/nutrition is something you dread. You might even look at it as a punishment for all the unhealthy decisions you’ve made but it is not. Try and look at it as an opportunity. Adjusting your mindset to the fitness approach can change the game.

  • You might feel overwhelmed with how much you have to do and give up before you ever gain momentum. At times it's easier to stay in a space that is familiar to us. Even if it is uncomfortable. Taking the first step in a new direction after you’ve been living a certain way for a long time is a scary experience for anyone even if it is for the better. But that's just it… try not to imagine the entire journey at once.

  • You can't trick your body that you are working from a positive mindset when your energy says otherwise. The way you speak to yourself matters.

  • Find ways to authentically raise your vibration & energy everytime you workout or clean up your nutrition. Visualize how you want to feel after you work

  • Being grateful is a beautiful place to start


You want to change too much too fast.

  • Losing 20-30 lbs in one month is possible but the process is grueling, restrictive and not realistic for life. It will impact your mindset by creating an all or nothing mentality. When you come in hot the flame goes out fast but when you bring it to a simmer you can last longer.

  • Having the ability to stay consistent is clutch in fitness and if you try sustaining something that is not realistic for your lifestyle you will fail. I firmly believe in the 80/20 rule and live by this. 80% of the time you eat clean and lean and on the other hand 20% of the time you have to live a little.

  • Start with a goal that you believe in yourself is possible to do. Use visualization to remind you of your “WHY” you started. Intentions MATTER. Hitting these smaller goals on a regular basis will only get you closer to your one big goal!


You are not creating boundaries and time for yourself.

  • If you’re not making time for fitness and nutrition then fitness and nutrition is not going to work for you!

  • You must put the work in. PERIOD


Being patient is hard AF.

  • On average it takes 3-4 weeks of consistency for your body to start making substantial changes for the rest of the world to see.

  • Fitness is not a dictatorship and things do not happen immediately. You can't repeat the same regimented intensity every day. Some days you can only operate at half a tank and that is ok. Therefore, you are not always going to achieve the same numerical results every week but you will be better off in the long run.


You are not giving yourself enough credit for the small achievements you have made.

  • Achievements don’t always come in pounds lost but maybe reps achieved, consistency maintained or even small nutrition wins!

  • Being consistent is hard in general let alone in fitness. Trust the process it will catch up

  • Give yourself credit for starting. Taking that first step is never easy.


When in doubt dial in on your nutrition.

  • Just because something says it is healthy on the box does not mean we need it.

  • Eating well is a form of self respect

  • Eat according to your lifestyle; if you go to bed at mid night it's ok to eat after 7!

  • Find balance 80/20 rule


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